I would recommend this book to many of my clients even before they have delivered their babies. It is comprehensive, easy to read, and informative. Most importantly, it provides them with the exercises that they can do independently, that are targeted to benefit a new mother's hard-working body.

"Women often feel uncertain and overwhelmed when it comes to getting fit after pregnancy. Hannah and Finola have created an ideal guide to support women - not only with regaining physical strength but also with adapting to the complex array of challenges that come with motherhood. I recommend this book as a great companion on any mother's fitness journey"

"Stength Through Yoga is an amazing, safe and detailed programme for postpartum care. Its is so wonderful and I believe it can help a lot of women. The cautions are exactly as I recommend to patients and are well placed. All mums should follow this programme to gain a better understanding of the postpartum body. I really enjoyed the book, so much so I would do it myself. That you for letting me read it, I will definitely be recommending this to my clients."

"There is no doubt that this is an excellent post-natal recovery and rehabilitation programme and can be useful as a basis for a continuing exercise regime.

Yoga is a fantastic way to move and rehabilitate your pelvic floor (and your whole body!) but, as with all exercise, expert advice and instruction will make it safer and more effective. This ebook does just that.

It is well written, detailed but not overwhelming, and very easy to read and follow. It is also designed to be suitable for all mothers, not just those in the immediate post-natal period."

Down to earth, practical and most importantly realistic 16 week programme and guide to (re-)building your strength after giving birth. Designed by an expert women's physiotherapist and by someone who leads with example and has written from her own experience of having two children, coupled with medical expertise and scientific evidence. When you have limited time as a new mum your priorities for an exercise program are: safe, always available, and manageable in small chunks with a baby (and kids). So if you make one investment to start exercise again after having a baby, for yourself, your partner or a friend, make it this one.

"I just did week 4 core today and it was SO GOOD. It felt like a really empowering way to start the week

They are great - I feel like I’ve achieved something after and I’m definitely getting my strength back"

"I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early version just before Quinn was born and what I learned informed so much of how I came back to my yoga practice these last 5 months. Even more than that, this book lays out six weeks of physiotherapy based exercises followed by ten weeks of yoga-inspired circuits designed to increase full-body strength and flexibility in just 25-30 minutes, 3 times a week. It’s totally evidence-based and co-written by a physiotherapist, and busts all sorts of myths about you and exercise after every kind of birth. If you loved my pregnancy eBook, and want something more in-depth and more focused to help what happens next this book is worth its weight in gold"

"Dear Hannah and Finola. I've been working with the second stage for a week now and I have understood movements that I was afraid to do untill now (5 1/2 months postpartum). Yesterday I was able to raise my head and a bit of my shoulders off the ground with abs only. It seems little but it's big for me. So thank you. It's been a couple of very emotional days and your book is like having you both in the room with me. My heart needs understanding right now, so thank you for beeing there."

"The STY program is great! I almost didn't get it because "I know how to workout and do yoga." But even a healthy pregnancy does a number on your body and I wouldn't have had a clue where to start without this guide. I'm so glad I got this program as I'm fairly certain I would have injured myself trying to workout without it or I would have waited way too long to try anything again. I told my husband just the other day how much STY was helping me and how good I felt doing it! It's the perfect mix of strength building and yoga, honestly what I want even if I wasn't postpartum. I can truly tell that my abs are almost closed again and I'm only halfway through! 🙌 So worth it! Thank you Hannah and Finola!"

"STY is a beautifully written book which thoroughly explains how to regain strength especially if you are struggling with diastasis recti as I was. The book gives you knowledge about the deep ab muscles and how to engage them which not only helps with yoga but any exercise. The exercises are easy to perform and only take about 20 mins of your day. For me this was perfect as i would usually do them when my baby is asleep. I have been following the book for the last few months and I can confirm that my abdominal separation has gone down. I love this book and the people who wrote it. Hope you like it too! "

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