Postnatal Bundle


Postnatal Bundle – 30% Discount

Our physiotherapy and medically approved postnatal bundle gives you the tools to be stronger than ever after giving birth.

What’s included?

  • 16 week postnatal mind and body guide
  • Diastasis Recti Core Recovery Guide
  • Pre and Postnatal Core Workshop
  • Diastasis Recti PDF guide

Our yoga based guides combine the best parts of yoga and physiotherapy to ensure a holistic postpartum recovery.

* Fix Diastasis Recti (“mum tum”)
* Get rid of back pain
* Improve common issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction and wrist pain
* Get access to physiotherapy exercises and postnatal safe workouts
* A 4-6 month programme to make sure you improve fully.
* Direct contact with our physio and yoga experts
* Modifications for all exercises to suit you

Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to accept common postnatal issues such as pain and a weak core. They are common, but not normal! Help is still not readily available for women and advice online is confusing and conflicting. Our guides tackle these common myths and empower women to be stronger than ever in mind and body.

“I couldn’t be happier as before this programme it just felt impossible to get my core and pelvic floor to engage effectively and almost like it was hopeless even trying some days. You’ve given me back hope and confidence that things can and will improve with time and consistency. As I’m already seeing the affects of it. With a gracious heart I thank you so much.”

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The Diastasis Recti Guide PDF



Sharing exactly what Diastasis Recti is, how to diagnose if you have it and simple exercise that can help improve it.

Finola and I created this guide to help women with diastasis recti. After the birth of my son I found the postnatal exercise advice confusing and sparse. I ended up worsening my diastasis recti with the wrong exercises and not understanding how to properly engage my core. This inspired me to do my own research to understand the changes in my body, and to help other new mums exercise safely post birth. I teamed up with Finola Burrell, an incredible physiotherapist and now close friend, to devise a postnatal exercise guide which would be easy to follow and to understand. Diastasis recti is one of the main concerns women have after giving birth but it can be safely and effectively managed through exercise in most cases.

In this short guide we cover:

  • What is diastasis recti?
  • How to check
  • The core muscles
  • How to properly engage the core
  • Watch points for exercise
  • Our top six exercises for reducing diastasis recti

Further information on this and other postpartum issues can be found in our Strength Through Yoga Postnatal Body and Mind eBook, which also includes a 16-week postnatal yoga inspired exercise programme.

Postnatal Mind & Body Guide

Our Postnatal Mind & Body eGuide is a medically reviewed and recommended programme for mums to get back into exercise and overcome some of the common side effects the body experiences from pregnancy

  • Improve core muscle and full body strength
  • Improve common issues like incontinence and diastasis recti
  • Lower stress & anxiety
  • Lose weight, tone up muscles and improve flexibility
  • Understand the changes that can occur after pregnancy
  • Over 200+ Pages Of Postnatal Content

Diastasis Recti Core Recovery Video Guide

Time to show your body some love — discover exactly what Diastasis Recti is, how to check if you have it and an easy to follow exercise guide that can help improve it

Core Recovery Guide Includes:

  • 3-stage physiotherapy and yoga based programme, reviewed and recommended by medical professionals
  • 9 Educational videos and tutorials
  • 3 full-length, easy to follow classes covering each stage of the programme
  • 2 Diastasis Recti friendly yoga flow for stages 2 and 3
  • 8 instructional accompanying PDFs
  • No Monthly Subscription! (1-time purchase)
  • Access to our Private Member Community


2.5 Hour Workshop 

Let us help you feel empowered and strong in your core throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

Yoga instructor Hannah Barrett and physiotherapist Finola Burrell have already helped thousands of women strengthen their core through their online guides Strength Through Yoga. Join them in this 2.5 hour workshop where they bring you their expertise and experience so you can share knowledge and bust myths about pregnancy and postnatal fitness. Whether you are a yoga teacher, health professional, expecting mumma or have had a baby (recently or years ago!), this workshop is for you!


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