What is Strength Through Yoga Postnatal Mind & Body Guide?

Strength Through Yoga is a postnatal eguide that ensures a safe and effective journey to restoring strength, and to support you in both body and mind. It is a 16-week programme that is evidence based, co-written by a physiotherapist and has been reviewed by medical professionals.

What is Strength Through Yoga The Circuits?

Strength Through Yoga The Circuits is a 12-week yoga-inspired programme incorporating a mindfulness practice with three weekly 20-minute strength-building circuits. Co-written by a physiotherapist and reviewed and recommended by medical professionals, it will help you:

  • Build strength and endurance,
  • Improve balance and mobility, tone-up and lose weight,
  • Prevent injuries with evidence-based strength training,
  • Learn how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your life, and
  • Find out ways to self-managed and help common injuries and how to modify your yoga practice.

Please note, this eguide isn’t a postnatal or pregnancy guide. For more information or to start your journey today, click here.

Who is the Strength Through Yoga Postnatal Mind & Body Guide for?
Our postnatal eguide is for you whether you gave birth yesterday or ten years ago.! It is perfect for all levels of yogis, from complete beginner to advanced.
We cover a number of common postpartum issues like diastasis, c-section, incontinence and prolapse – information and advice and things you can do to help.
Although this book is primarily for mothers, for those who aren’t mothers there are still parts of the book that will be relevant. The information on essential muscles for exercise, posture, meditation and mindfulness, core engagement and the 10 weeks of strength building yoga circuits are beneficial for all. Alternatively you can check out our other 12 week eguide, The Circuits.
Who is Strength Through Yoga - The Circuits Guide for?
This programme is for every body and is perfect if you want to feel better both physically and mentally, using a holistic approach to self care in both body and mind.
We cover a range of common injuries and problems such as back pain, knee pain and wrist pain with tips on how to self manage and modify your yoga practice.
Whether you are new to yoga, have practiced for years or are simply looking to vary your self care routine, the foundational exercises and techniques we cover are beneficial for everyone.
Can I do the programmes whilst pregnant?
Neither guide is suitable for pregnancy. However, watch this space as we will have one out soon!
How can I try Strength Through Yoga before I commit to the guide?
We have written a FREE diastasis recti guide which is based on the exercises and information we have provided in our postnatal guide.
We also provide example circuits and a sneak peak into both guides in the programmes section here.
Can I do the postnatal programme if I have diastasis recti?

Absolutely, the exercises at the beginning of the guide and the information we provide about how to activate your core muscles are specifically designed to address and improve diastasis recti. We have also included watch points throughout the programme to modify certain exercises if you have got diastasis recti, whilst you continue to rebuild your abdominal muscle strength.

What is your refund policy?
We offer a 60-day, 100% Money-back, value satisfaction guarantee.  
Of course you need to fully engage with any programme to see results, so give yourself the best chance of success and take advantage of the comprehensive support and instruction provided. 
To request a refund, please write to us as set out in our terms of sale.
How do I download the guide?

Once you have purchased you will be able to instantly download the programme. We will also send you a link to be able to access it in the future should you leave the page or forget to download after purchase.

I’ve never done yoga before, can I use this guide?
Yes! We have included an Appendix of the exercises to talk you through how to do them with specific watch points for each exercise so that you can get the most out of the guides and modify them to suit your body. 
How long will the Postnatal programme take?

The postnatal guide takes 16 weeks. The first 6 weeks are physiotherapy based exercises to start activating your core muscles and allowing for recovery if you’ve just had a baby. The yoga circuits are then 10 weeks, however this is a guide and so there is always the option to repeat weeks if required.

How long will The Circuits take?
The Circuits is a 12-week programme however, like our Postnatal guide you can repeat weeks if required.
How soon after giving birth can I start Strength Through Yoga Postnatal Mind & Body?
Stage 1 of the programme can be started from day 1 after giving birth with physiotherapy based exercises. This stage focuses on your pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles to help with common postpartum issues (e.g. incontinence and diastasis recti) whilst taking into consideration recovery time. The meditation, breathing and mindfulness techniques can also be started immediately after giving birth.
Always seek medical approval from your doctor or medical professional before starting our programme after childbirth. Read our medical disclaimer 
My children are now grown up, can this guide still help me?
This guide can be started any time following childbirth, whether you have a newborn or adult children this guide is applicable. It’s never too late to start strengthening your muscles or to try meditation and mindfulness exercises. 
Will the Strength Through Yoga guides help me work up a sweat?
Both guides are designed to be dynamic and challenging to get your heart rate up within short HIT style circuits.
I don’t live in the UK, can I still buy Strength Through Yoga?
Our Strength Through Yoga eguides can be downloaded onto any device anywhere in the world. You just need to make sure you have a pdf reader like Apple Books or Adobe Acrobat Reader installed before downloading.
I received an error message saying I have exceeded my download limit. What should I do?
Please don’t worry if this happens. This happens a lot with downloading on phones – you may not even realise that you have tapped the link more than once.
Please contact our team at support@strengththroughyoga.com with your order number and we will reset the link for you.
When I click on the link it says access has been removed / link has expired. Why is this?

The link is only valid for 72 hours and you have 5 downloads available. Please contact our team at support@strengththroughyoga.com with your order number and we will reset the link for you.

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