Welcome to your Diastasis Recti Core Recovery Programme.

For any questions, please email us on support@strengththroughyoga.com

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How To Check For Diastasis

Stage 1: Tutorial Videos

We teach you how to perform each exercise from Stage One. Learn how to activate your core muscles and important cues to help you get the most out of your exercises.

Stage 1: Flow With Me

Our online Stage One class with Finola means you don’t have to do your exercises alone.

Stage 2: Tutorial Videos

We teach you how to perform each exercise from Stage Two. We’re now bringing in leg movements to challenge your core muscles to continue building strength.

Stage 2: Flow With Me

Join Finola on the mat as you perform your Stage Two exercises.

Restorative Flow

Flow with Hannah to calm the body and mind with gentle, restorative movements alongside your core strengthening programme.

Stage 3: Tutorial Video

Congratulations for reaching the final stage! We’re now bringing it altogether as you reach the end of your Core Recovery Programme. Check out our tutorial on how to perform your head lift exercise optimally.

Stage 3: Flow With Me

Let’s complete your Stage Three together as you join Finola one last time.

Bonus Videos

Lets Flow

Join Hannah on the mat as we bring together your new core strength with a strength-based yoga class to get your whole body moving.

Please only try this class if you’ve moved onto stage 2 or 3, are at least 6 weeks postpartum and have been signed off to exercise by your GP.

Please stop if you have any pain or unusual symptoms, and email us at support@strengththroughyoga.com.



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