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After the birth of my daughter in 2017 and a fairly traumatic experience, I partnered with top physiotherapist Finola to bring a medically approved approach to helping mums feel like themselves again.

Since we started it's been a breathtaking experience! Being able to help thousands of women all around the world to look, feel and move better through understanding and improving many of the postnatal struggles that often arise after having children.

We have continued to build Strength Through Yoga bringing out online guides for everyone (not just mums!) to help build strength using yoga in a safe an effective way wherever you are in the world.

- Francesca Ruddick -

I would recommend this book to many of my clients even before they have delivered their babies. It is comprehensive, easy to read, and informative. Most importantly, it provides them with the exercises that they can do independently, that are targeted to benefit a new mother's hard-working body.

Dr Zoe Williams
- Dr Zoe Williams -

"Women often feel uncertain and overwhelmed when it comes to getting fit after pregnancy. Hannah and Finola have created an ideal guide to support women - not only with regaining physical strength but also with adapting to the complex array of challenges that come with motherhood. I recommend this book as a great companion on any mother's fitness journey"

- Rianne Charles -

"Stength Through Yoga is an amazing, safe and detailed programme for postpartum care. Its is so wonderful and I believe it can help a lot of women. The cautions are exactly as I recommend to patients and are well placed. All mums should follow this programme to gain a better understanding of the postpartum body. I really enjoyed the book, so much so I would do it myself. That you for letting me read it, I will definitely be recommending this to my clients."

"I am so impressed by this ebook and only wish I’d had it earlier, as I had my son six months ago and had a third-degree tear which left me pretty nervous about what I could and couldn’t do, all while being pretty desperate to get back on the exercise train! But to be honest, the book itself, as incredible as it is, is only the half of it!"

"After doing only the first stage for a week and a half I was able to work every day this week WITHOUT BACK PAIN for the first time in over a year, I'm so excited to continue this program and forever grateful to you guys for this product, your detailed approach to holistic muscle strength and the candidness with which you approach issues caused by pregnancy, birth, c-section etc'."

"I've had recurring shoulder and neck pain since my first daughter's birth almost 5 years ago and lower back pain and hip tightness since my second daughter over a year ago. Your ebook lays everything out so clearly and understandably, and even though I went to PT a year ago, I didn't fully understand the whole picture, how to rebuild my core, or the connection to my neck and shoulder pain. I'll be recommending this to all new moms I know. Thank you again!"

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